Organic Chemistry

Division Representatives

Tabitha Wood, University of Winnipeg

Symposia and Organizers: 

A Symposium in Honour of Mark Lautens’ 60th Birthday

Rob Batey, 
University of Toronto
Mark Scott, Gilead
Mark Taylor, University of Toronto

Invited Speakers:
Mark Lautens, University of Toronto
Erick Carreira, ETH Zurich, Switzerland - (40 minute lecture)
Tomislav Rovis, Columbia University, USA -  40 minute lecture)

André Charrette, Université de Montréal
Pauline Chiu, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong
Yvan Guindon, Université de Montréal / McGill University
Greg Hughes, Merck
Frederic Menard, University of British Columbia Okanagan
Stephen Newman, University of Ottawa
Jean-Francois Paquin, Université Laval
Jean Luc Renaud, ENSICAEN, France
Sophie Rousseaux, University of Toronto
Alena Rudolph, Alphora Research Inc.
Gavin Tsui, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Robert Young, Simon Fraser University

Accelerating Materials Discovery - joint with IN, MT

Alan Aspuru-GuzikUniversity of Toronto
Curtis BerlinguetteUniversity of British Columbia
Jason HeinUniversity of British Columbia 

Invited Speakers:
Jillian Buriak, University of Alberta - (40 minute lecture)
Martin Burke, University of Illinois, USA - (40 minute lecture)
Andrew Cooper, University of Liverpool, UK -  (40 minute lecture)
Lee Cronin, University of Glasgow, UK - (40 minute lecture)
Cathleen Crudden, Queen's University - (40 minute lecture)
Jason Hattrick-Simpers, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA - (40 minute lecture)

Advances in Catalysis and Synthesis

Travis Dudding, Brock University
Michel Gravel, University of Saskatchewan

Invited Speakers:
Steven Diver,
University of Buffalo, USA - (40 miniute lecture)
Alison Frontier, University of Rochester, USA - (40 minute lecture)
Claude Legault, University of Sherbrooke - (40 minute lecture)
Sophie Rousseaux, University of Toronto - (40 minute lecture)

Advances in Fluorescent Probe and Fluorescence Imaging Modalities - joint with BM, PT

Chris YipUniversity of Toronto
Gonzalo Cosa, McGill University

Invited Speakers:
Robert Campbell, University of Alberta
Peng Chen, Cornell University, USA
Maria DeRosa, Carleton University
Johan Hofkens, KU Leuven, Belgium
Andrey Klimchenko, Strasbourg University, France
Christy Landes, Rice University, USA
Isaac Li, UBC Okanagan
Jin Zhang, UC San Diego, USA

Advances in Modelling Organic Molecules and Reactions - joint with PT

Sara Eisler, University of New Brunswick
Mathieu Frenette, Université du Québec à Montréal

Invited Speakers:
Axel Becke, Dalhousie University - (40 minute lecture)
Gino DiLabio, UBC Okanagan - (40 minute lecture)
Jason Hein, UBC - (40 minute lecture)
Christine Isborn, UC Merced, USA - (40 minute lecture)

Advances in Organic Chemistry (General Session)

Pat Forgione
, Concordia University

Invited Speakers:

Analytical Tools for the Organic Chemist - joint with AN

Lekha Sleno,
Université du Québec à Montréal

Invited Speakers:
David Bryce, University of Ottawa - (40 minute lecture)
Michael Katz, Memorial University of Newfoundland - (40 minute lecture)
Jeff Manthorpe, Carleton University - (40 minute lecture)
Scott McIndoe, University of Victoria - (40 minute lecture)

Controlling Chemoselectivity and Site-Selectivity Across Disciplines

Jeffrey van Humbeck, University of Calgary

Invited Speakers:
Karine Auclair,
McGill University - (40 min lecture)
Hosea Nelson, UCLA, USA - (40 min lecture)

Innovative Concepts for Organic Materials-Building Blocks, Self-assembly, and Nanostructures - joint with MS, MT

Alex Adronov, McMaster University
Thomas BaumgartnerYork University

Invited Speakers:
Matthew Francis, UC Berkeley, USA – (40 minute lecture)
Frieder Jäkle, Rutgers University, USA – (40 minute lecture)
Jean-François Nierengarten, Université de Strasbourg, France – (40 minute lecture)
Suning Wang, Queen’s University – (40 minute lecture)

Rahima Benhabbour, UNC Chapel Hill, USA 
Tricia Carmichael, University of Windsor 
Julian Chan, University of Ottawa 
Zachary Hudson, University of British Columbia 

Main Group Molecules: From Reagents to Catalysts - joint with IN 

Fred Fontaine, Université Laval
Steve Westcott, Mount Allison University

Invited Speakers:
Michael Ingleson, The University of Manchester, UK - (40 min lecture)
Todd Marder, Universität Würzburg, Germany - (40 min lecture)
Alex Radosevich, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA - (40 min lecture)
Makoto Yamashita, Nagoya University, Japan - (40 min lecture)
Michael Cowley, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Cathleen Crudden, Queens University 
Michel Gagné, 
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Dennis Hall, University of Alberta
Caleb Martin, Baylor University, USA
Rebecca Melen, Cardiff University, Wales
Warren Piers, University of Calgary
Webster Santos, Virginia Tech, USA
Alex Speed, Dalhousie University
Patrick Steel, Durham University, USA
Doug Stephan, University of Toronto
Nathaniel Szymczak, University of Michigan, USA
Stephen Thomas, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Werner Uhl, University of Münster, Germany

Materials for Flexible and Printed Electronics - joint with MS, MT

Tricia Carmichael, University of Windsor
Simon Rondeau-Gagné, University of Windsor

Invited Speakers:
Zhenan Bao, Stanford University, USA - (40 minute lecture)
Tse Nga Ng, UC San Diego, USA - (40 minute lecture)
Elsa Reichmanis, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA - (40 minute lecture)

Jaclyn Brusso, University of Ottawa, 20 minute talk
Hyun-Joong Chung, University of Alberta, 20 minute talk
Talia Jane Stockmann, Memorial University, 20 minute talk

Medicinal Chemistry - Perspectives and Frontiers in Drug Discovery - joint with BM

Olivier SoueidanIntelliSyn
Darren Derksen, University of Calgary

Invited Speakers:
James Empfield, VP - Xenon Pharma
Stephen Hanessian, Université de Montréal
Matthieu Schapira, University of Toronto
Robert Young, Simon Fraser University

Natural Products Biosynthesis - joint with BM

Geoff HorsmanWilfrid Laurier University
Avena RossQueens University
John SorensenUniversity of Manitoba

Invited Speakers:Yihua Chen, Chinese Academy of Science, China - (40 minute lecture)
Rebecca Goss, University of St. Andrews, Scotland - (40 minute lecture)
Kerry McPhail, Oregon State University, USA - (40 minute lecture)
Blaine Pfeifer, University at Buffalo, USA - (40 minute lecture)
Jeff Rudolf, University of Florida, USA - (40 minute lecture)

New Directions in Catalysis: A Symposium in Memory of Keith Fagnou - joint with IN

Louis-Charles CampeauMerck
Sophie RousseauxUniversity of Toronto

Invited Speakers:
Louis Barriault, University of Ottawa
Abigail Doyle, Princeton University, USA
Deryn Fogg, University of Ottawa
Rebecca Green, BMS
Greg Hughes, Merck & Co. Inc.
Mark Lautens, University of Toronto
David Nagib, Ohio State University, USA
Tom Rovis, Columbia University, USA
Laurel Schafer, University of British Columbia
Jeff Van Humbeck, University of Calgary

Organic Contaminants: Treatment, Fate and Environmental Impact - joint with EN

This symposium would be dedicated to research on the presence, effects and dynamics of emerging organic contaminants in the environment including: 1) Impacts of emerging pollutants on ecosystems (laboratory and field approaches); 2) Dynamics and fate of emergent pollutants in the environment (aquatic systems and soils); 3) Advances in analytical chemistry related to the study of emerging organic contaminants; and 4) Advances in the treatment of emerging organic contaminants

Jean-Phillipe BellengerUniversité de Sherbrooke
Hubert Cabana, Université de Sherbrooke
Pedro Segura, Université de Sherbrooke

Invited Speakers:
Alistair Boxall, University of York, UK - (40 minute lecture)
Viviane Yargeau, McGill University - (40 minute lecture)

Organic Solar Cells - Made in Canada - joint with MT

Greg WelchUniversity of Calgary

Invited Speakers:
Tim Bender,
University of Toronto
Jillian Buriak, University of Alberta
Tim Kelly, University of Saskatchewan
Dongling Ma, INRS

Teaching Organic Chemistry - joint with CE

Andrew Grant, Mount Allison University

Invited Speakers:
Andy Dicks, University of Toronto
William W. Ogilvie, University of Ottawa

Poster Session

Tabitha Wood, University of Winnipeg