Materials Chemistry

Division Representative

Joe Gilroy, The University of Western Ontario

Symposia and Organizers: 

Accelerating Materials Discovery - joint with IN, OR

Alan Aspuru-GuzikUniversity of Toronto
Curtis BerlinguetteUniversity of British Columbia
Jason HeinUniversity of British Columbia 

Invited Speakers:

Analytical Chemistry/Applications of Nanomaterials - joint with AN, IN

Alex Brolo, University of Victoria
Russ Algar, University of British Columbia

Invited Speakers:

Analytical, Physical and Interfacial Electrochemistry in honour of Jacek Lipkowski - joint with AN, PT, SS

Dan Bizzotto, 
University of British Columbia
Christa Brosseau, Saint Mary's University
Aicheng ChenUniversity of Guelph

Invited Speakers:

Emerging Materials Investigator 

Todd SutherlandUniversity of Calgary

Invited Speakers:

Dynamic Molecular Materials - joint with IN


Stephen LoebUniversity of Windsor
Dmitriy SoldatovUniversity of Guelph
Kathryn PreussUniversity of Guelph

Invited Speakers:
Christopher BardeenUniversity of California, Riverside, USA - (40 minute lecture)
Rodolphe CléracCNRS & University of Bordeaux, France - (40 minute lecture)
Panče NaumovNew York University Abu Dhabi, UAE  - (40 minute lecture)
Chilla Malla ReddyIndian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, India  - (40 minute lecture)
Jagadese VittalNational University of Singapore, Singapore  - (40 minute lecture)
José HernándezRWTH Aachen University, Germany 

Functional Materials: From Fundamentals to Applications (General Session)

Petr Fiurasek, QCAM 
Jean-Francois Morin, Universitè Laval

Invited Speakers:

Innovative Concepts for Organic Materials - Building Blocks, Self-Assembly, and Nanostructures - joint with MS, OR

Alex AdronovMcMaster University
Thomas Baumgartner, York University 

Invited Speakers:
Matthew Francis, UC Berkeley, USA – (40 minute lecture)
Frieder Jäkle, Rutgers University, USA – (40 minute lecture)
Jean-François Nierengarten, Université de Strasbourg, France – (40 minute lecture)
Suning Wang, Queen’s University – (40 minute lecture)

Tricia Carmichael, University of Windsor 
Julian Chan, University of Ottawa 
Zachary Hudson, University of British Columbia 

Materials for Flexible and Printed Electronics - joint with MS, OR

Tricia Carmichael, University of Windsor
Simon Rondeau-Gagné, University of Windsor

Invited Speakers:

Molecules and Materials for Solar Fuels Generation - joint with IN

Mita DasogDalhousie University
Warren PiersUniversity of Calgary
Janina Willkomm, University of Calgary

Invited Speakers:
Curtis Berlinguette, University of British Columbia
James Blakemore, University of Kansas, USA
Stephanie Brock, Wayne State University, USA
Elizabeth Gibson, Newcastle University, UK
Kathryn Knowles, University of Rochester, USA
Smaranda Marinescu, University of Southern California, USA 
Franc Meyer, 
Universität Gottingen, Germany
Yogi Surendranath, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, USA
Jeffrey Warren, Simon Fraser University

Organic Solar Cells - Made in Canada - joint with OR

Greg WelchUniversity of Calgary

Invited Speakers:
Tim Bender, University of Toronto
Jillian Buriak, University of Alberta
Tim Kelly, University of Saskatchewan
Dongling Ma, INRS

Solid State Chemistry - joint with IN

Arthur MarUniversity of Alberta
Yurij MozharivskyjMcMaster University 

Invited Speakers:

Spectroscopy of Organic and Hybrid Semiconductors - joint with PT

Loren Kaake, Simon Fraser University 
Mark Wilson, University of Toronto

Invited Speakers:

Poster Session

Bryan Koivisto, Ryerson University