FAQ for Division/Symposia Organizers

What are division or symposia sponsorships?

These sponsorships are different from general conference sponsorships. They are requested directly by division representatives or symposia organizers, and the funds go directly to the symposia or event in question rather than into the general conference budget. These sponsors should receive recognition directly within the event being sponsored and will also be listed in the appropriate category for general conference sponsorships.

What are general conference sponsorships?

General conference sponsorships are sponsorships secured by the Canadian Society for Chemistry’s (CSC) national office staff or members of the sponsorship committee. These funds go towards the conference budget. General conference sponsors receive the same sponsorship benefits but are also shown as sponsoring general conference events or services such as coffee breaks or poster session receptions in lieu of being shown towards a symposium.

I have received a pledge from a sponsor for my symposia or division. Where do the funds get sent and how do I access them?

All sponsorships of symposia or division-run event sponsorships (e.g. Inorganic Chemistry Mixer) are to be handled through the appropriate division treasurer. Treasurer responsibilities include invoicing the sponsor upon request and receiving/allocating the funds when necessary. Please coordinate collection of the funds with your division’s treasurer. If the funds must absolutely come through the CSC national office, there will be a small set-fee for invoicing and processing the sponsorship.

How does my sponsor get recognized?

Please complete the sponsorship form to advise conference organizers of a confirmed sponsor.

Sponsorship Form

Who is the CSC National Office contact?

Bernadette Lockyer
Director, Communications and Marketing
Canadian Society for Chemistry
T. 613-232-6252 ext. 228