Exhibitor Services and Forms


Merchandise will not be accepted at the Centre’s entrances and must be delivered to the loading docks.
The Québec City Convention Centre will accept material only as of Friday May 31, 2019. Storage charges will apply for any exhibitor’s material received before that date.

Loading Dock

Loading Dock Level 1
875 rue Saint-Joachim
Québec (Québec)  G1R 5V4

Trailers should not exceed 13 ft. in height and 48 ft. in length.
Parking is prohibited. Only vehicles unloading and loading equipment are allowed. Vehicles violating these regulations will be towed away at owner’s expense.

Convention Centre Services

To order services for your booth, simply visit the Quebec City Convention Centre’s website, then select your event name. Follow the steps!
Benefit from a 20% early-bird discount for any order before the cutoff date on Friday May 17, 2019 by 16:30.

On-site, exhibitors can address their last minute requests at our services counter at regular prices. Some services may not be guaranteed. Services offered by the Centre are: Sign and banner hanging, electricity, and booth cleaning. All are exclusive except for booth cleaning.

If needed, exhibitors may contact Ms. Cristel Loredo, Exhibitor Services at 418 649 7711, Ext. 4066 or 1 888 679 4000 or by E-mail at services@convention.qc.ca.

Material Handling and Onsite Storage

Material shipped directly to the Québec City Convention Centre will be managed by GES at applicable rate to be paid onsite.

Handcarry is allowed.

GES will manage storage spaces near the exhibit room. The storage during the event is mandatory and must be confirmed by each exhibitor by completing the appropriate order form or at the GES service counter during set-up. Pricing includes material labelling and storage space. Handling charges apply for moving empty boxes or crates from the exhibit room to the storage area and their return to the exhibit room at the end of the event.

For security reasons, exhibitors are not allowed to store their own material. Neither an empty box nor an empty crate will be allowed inside or at the back of a stand.

See GES Exhibitor Kit.

Audiovisual, Internet and Computer Rental Services

The exclusive Internet services supplier and official audiovisual andcomputer rental supplier at the Québec City Convention Centre is:

FREEMAN Audio Visual Canada
Mr. Bastien Lavoie
Telephone: 418 649-5219
Fax:    418 649-5224
E-mail: bastien.lavoie@freemanco.com

Please note : Free Wifi Internet is available all across the Québec City Convention Centre.

Customs Brokerage

GES Canada is the appointed Customs Broker for the 102nd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition. For exhibitors shipping material from the USA or overseas, we recommend that you deal directly with this Customs Broker for all your customs needs. Download the Customs and International Shipping Form.

CBSA Letter of Recognition

Canada Board Service Agency provides the 102nd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition with an official letter of recognition for carriers, foreign exhibitors and attendees. It is also recommended to include this letter when shipping items to Canada.