Careers in Chemistry

Tuesday, 4 June 2019
Room 304AB

As part of the Professional Development Track at CCCE 2019, the Careers in Chemistry symposium will provide attendees with information, resources, and connections to help you advance in your future chemistry career. The symposium is open to all conference attendees.

You can also find the symposium and each of the events below under the two "(Special Session) Careers in Chemistry - Tuesday PM" listings on Tuesday afternoon in the conference program.


Connect with the CIC and Advance Your Career, 13:20-14:00

Leaders from the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) and its umbrella organization the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) will highlight the many opportunities for members of the Canadian chemistry community to get involved.


Exploring Your Career Pathways in Chemistry (Workshop), 14:00-14:40

Led by Lynne Greenblatt, Career Consultant

This high-level workshop will guide you through identifying and prioritizing your values, interests, and skills, and relating them to potential career pathways in chemistry. We will explore the job market in Canada, and guide you through promoting yourself and developing a robust, diverse professional network.


From Jobs to Gin: Social Media for Chemists, 14:40-15:20

By Stuart Cantrill, Nature Chemistry and Laura Reyes, Chemical Institute of Canada

Social media can be a powerful tool for chemists to grow their network, promote their research, find jobs and opportunities, and… become infamous as gin experts? Come find out about the diverse professional benefits of building a presence on social media, and meet a #ChemTwitter celebrity!


Careers Panel: Academia, Education, and Training, 15:40-16:20

This panel will showcase career options within the broad umbrella of academia and (chemistry) education, for example: research faculty, teaching faculty and staff, outreach and training organizations, etc.

Panelists will briefly introduce themselves and their career path, followed by Q&A from the audience. 

Andrew Dicks – Professor, Teaching Stream, University of Toronto
Alon Eisenstein – Educator, Experiential Learning, Impact Centre
Tamara Freeman – Instructor, The University of British Columbia - Okanagan
Avena Ross – Assistant Professor, Queen’s University


Careers Panel: Industry, Startups, and Government, 16:20-17:00

This panel will showcase career options for chemists related to R&D and commercialization in industry (large and small) and government.

Panelists will briefly introduce themselves and their career path, followed by Q&A from the audience. 

Matt Heuft – Business Development Manager, Xerox Research Centre of Canada and Director of Industrial Liaison, Canadian Society for Chemistry

Kyle Boniface – Lead Scientist, Zenabis Global Inc
Tim Clark – Technology Leader, GreenCentre Canada
Nafiseh Ebrahimi – Research Officer, National Research Council Canada
Patricia MacLeod – Senior Research Scientist II, Gilead Alberta ULC


Careers Panel: Options for Chemists Beyond Academia and Industry, 17:00-17:40

This panel will showcase career options for chemists who are curious about how to apply their skills and training outside of the traditional academia or industry paths.

Panelists will briefly introduce themselves and their career path, followed by Q&A from the audience.

Kazim Agha – Patent Agent & Partner, Ridout & Maybee LLP and Director of Local Sections, Canadian Society for Chemistry

Stuart Cantrill – Chief Editor, Nature Chemistry
Angela Lyon – Patent Agent, Queen’s University
Josephine Tsang – Community Engagement Specialist, TELUS Spark (Calgary Science Centre)
Matt Zamora – Acting Sales Manager, Nanalysis Corp.