Chemistry in Canada 2067: The Future Starts Now - Highlighting Undergraduate Research

Johanna BlacquiereThe University of Western Ontario (@jmblacquiere)

Contributed Pitch and Poster Presentations Welcome
As a chemical community we have always valued the importance of including undergraduate research training and internships as an integral part of our HQP plans and strategies. In this special conference level symposium we celebrate their contributions by providing a platform to elevate their research. In this special session, immediately following the session on “Science Advocacy: Developing Relationships, Communication Effectively”, the undergraduate student participants will be given a short time (3 minute thesis style) to present and market their poster that they present later that evening. This event will highlight undergraduate research and its place in the research/education/workplace mission. To achieve the goals of Canada 2067, The science of a successful tomorrow we acknowledge that the future starts now. Encourage your very best undergraduates to participate in this highlight event.

Undergraduate students can submit an abstract for a poster (including applications to the Chemistry in Canada 2067 symposium) before May 6, 2019